Colletts Travel implements Dolphin Dynamic's new Reservation Module

Colletts Travel implements Dolphin Dynamic's new Reservation Module

The latest digital platform venture marks a new phase of connectivity using Dolphin’s tour operator system

Colletts Travel, the luxury leisure division of Global Travel Collection (GTC), has announced the implementation of Dolphin’s Reservation Module as part of its continued investment in technology in collaboration with industry partner, Dolphin Dynamics.

This digital platform integration will facilitate real-time connectivity to key suppliers, giving independent travel advisors access to a wide range of travel products and payment gateways. 

The technology will streamline operations and the booking process for its advisors and enhance the overall customer experience. 

Jennifer Hartnett, head of contracting and tour operations of Colletts Travel, said, “Our long-standing partnership with Dolphin continues to grow. 

"This has been made possible with the support of our key suppliers, and we can now ensure our advisors have access to real-time choice, availability and confirmation."

She said: "We believe this investment will allow us to maintain a competitive edge and attract the best talent in the industry to make the move to join the luxury leisure arm of GTC.”

Chuck Richardson, managing director of Dolphin Dynamics, added: “Colletts Travel has been one of the longest-standing customers of our mid and back-office module. 

"Now embracing our full tour operator module to search, quote and book a wide range of accommodation providers via API feeds as well as locally loaded contracts. 

"Thus, improving the speed and accuracy of quoting and booking carefully curated luxury products for their customers. 

"At Dolphin, we look forward to continuing to help Colletts Travel leverage their technology long into the future.”